Northern Ireland economy to receive £8.5 million boost from Euro 2016

NORTHERN Ireland’s participation in Euro 2016 will drum up £8.5 million extra for the north’s economy, a study has found.

That’s the estimated additional spending by football fans on beer, treats, merchandising and travel, the Ulster University report said.

Supporters who will be staying at home to watch the match on TV will be some of the highest contributors with £4m generated in additional sales of beer, confectionery and food.

An increase in attendances at local pubs and fan-zones in Lisburn, Newtownabbey and Belfast during matches is expected to contribute £2.8m via spend in the pub and on transport and fast food consumption.

Sales of the best-selling Northern Ireland home and away shirts and other official merchandise is estimated to generate an additional £2.5m, bringing the total estimated injection to £8.5m – equating to £2.8m per match.



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