The name “Belfast” is rooted in the Gaelic “Beal Feirste” which means mouth of sandy ford. Belfast is a fascinating place to experience housing and urban issues, and through this Urban Safari you will explore areas and be signposted to interesting buildings and places that many tourists do not experience.
You will be briefed by expert guides, and then set out to explore the city in small groups. You will be challenged to record what you see (and what you don’t!). You will then meet up with your fellow explorers to exchange these experiences and interpret collective evidence.

The Urban Safari will take place on the afternoon of Friday 1st July, after the workshops finish, meeting at the Belfast Met building, where you will be briefed by local experts. This will take place at 3.30pm, but may change depending on the timings of the workshops, so please pay attention to announcements during the conference. The excursions then begin. Explorers then reconvene at a meeting point in a bar/restaurant for
refreshments and debriefing (downloading, showing and discussing the pictures).

You will travel around the city by foot and by bus. You will have a guide to some interesting areas to visit and interesting bus routes to ride. These guides will enable you to select areas that you are particularly interested in: gentrification, social housing redevelopment, student housing, interesting urban development dilemmas and more. You will be provided with suggestions of where you might want to get off the bus and look around, perhaps take some photos. This is a unique opportunity to experience the diversity of living arrangements in Belfast – there are rich areas and there are poor areas, old properties and new properties.

How can I sign up?
The event is free, but to join the excursion and get the full briefing pack you need to register. To do this please send an email to Ivan Tosics: and Ursula McAnulty: entitled: “Belfast Urban Safari”.